Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Honoring the True Beauty of Amazing Women

Can't believe that it's October 1st already! I have tons of these sedum in my garden, so thought I'd share a glimpse with you. Huummmm..seems a bumble bee is tasting the last of the summer's nectar.
As I reflect upon the past week, it seems that I've been deeply touched by woman who I know who certainly stand out in their own right....not because they have won a great reward, not because they hold a public office and definitely not because they dress to perfection or apply tons of makeup. No, these are not the attributes of woman who leave an impact on those they meet.
Woman who touch your heart because of their acts of kindness, or because of the strength they show when things are so very difficult for them are the ladies who definitely are the most BEAUTIFUL!
Take for instance a wife who has stayed by her husband's hospital bed for more than a month now...never complaining, always smiling and always giving her husband the encouragement he needs as he continues his cancer journey.
Or what about the lady who is searching so desperately for whatever is out there that will help to spur on an appetite for her husband who once was such a strong and vibrant man. She could just easily give up and let nature take it's course, but she is determined to keep searching until she can find something to help nurture him back to a stronger physic.
And, for all of those ladies who battle cancer everyday, their are just no words to describe your beauty. It's a difficult road you travel, but one I'm sure in which you have touched many a heart along the way. All you need do, is just read some of the blogs posted on this page by other cancer patients and it's easy to visualize their beauty through their words as they describe their struggles and their good and bad days.
There's Daria from the Living With Cancer blog who is awaiting more CT scan results and who shares the good and bad days with us and allows us to take a glimpse at a usual day for a cancer patient, or Kristy from The Accidental Tourist a mom who continues to live life to the fullest despite her cancer and no-treatment options and then there's Jane from A Journey of Another Kind who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help bring awareness of kidney cancer througout Europe and around the world!!! Wow....all woman of such strength and courage!!! True beauty for sure.
There's millions of women out there who are such a pillar of strength to so many others despite the adversities that they themselves struggle with each day.
Next time you find yourself complaining over miniscule or trivial things in life, take a moment to reflect on those who are affected by cancer in various ways. You will soon discover that your problems are very small in comparison.
Next time you have the opportunity to spend time with special ladies like these, take the time to see the beauty from within!
"I don't think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that remains".....Ann Frank

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karen in ottawa canada said...

very nicely said as usual Deb. thanks so much! see you soon!