Friday, September 18, 2009


I've deleted the Live Chat from my blog for now as you would already have noticed. Seems you have to log in, and that in itself was driving me crazy, as with so many passwords, log-in names, etc I could not even remember everytime what mine, for now I'm going to include a few housekeeping things in the blogs as I write. That way, it will also help to make my posts a little more personal as well. Please leave a comment after you read the blog, as it will also appear under the comments section now for all to read. However, I will be hunting up another chat software program soon, so that we can all get online and compare notes, get caught up with everyone's present happenings and just have a good chat like old times!

Karen - Thanks for the update on those cards from KCC....I honestly did not do a thorough check on Minister Caplan and just thought he was the federal Minister of Health...."egg on my face"...but I'm really glad you sent the correction. Yes, it would be great for KCC to send out those cards to all provinces and I will contact Deb to advise as well. That kind of inflow from patients/caregivers etc will most definitely make those in office more aware of kidney cancer and what we are all asking from our politicians. Had a few problems last night while chatting with you as my computer kept locking up....we will connect again soon though!

Joanne - Hope things are settling down and always good to hear from you. The presentation was very informative and while is was a bit over my head, I did learn lots of good things from it. I was hoping to "see" you on but unfortunately that particular presentation did not show everyone's presense......I'll be in touch via email soon.

Jane - Wow!!! Double wow!!! Soooooo good to hear from you and thank you soooo much for your kind words. Yes, I've been on a kind of hiatus but finally realized that I DO need to keep this blog going. For myself and for others like you who keep inspiring ME to no end. Hang in there, hang on and most of all.....keep the faith! I'll also be in touch via email soon.

Belinda - Great to receive your email my dear. I've been very behind with my "keeping in touch" but you will soon hear from me again.

Carolanne - Not sure if I deserved such a kind comment my dear, but hey, you've been there for me as well as the rest of the viewers soooo many times as well. Together, we all help each other. Thanks for checking in and I trust everything is going well with bro.

Sandy - You go ahead and use any of my tunes anytime my dear....LOL....appreciated your kind comments and thanks for checking in. Take care now!

Last night I followed the link on YouTube that was provided by an Anonymous led me to the following link

Please check it out as it provides numerous links about cancer as well as info on the importance of preventing infection from happening when taking chemotherapy treatments.

Keep your comments coming...I always enjoy hearing from everyone and as well, you are all providing a great service and lots of information for everyone else who check out my blog. I'll soon have more pictures posted, but for now I've just put them on a G drive which is not connected at the moment.

Stopped by yesterday to visit another wonderful patient who is going to begin Torisel treatment this week.......since we've been there, done that, we wanted to bring our assurance that he will do great. Might feel really tired but he will get through it. A BIG hug for his wife who has been right there for him for quite a few weeks now. Also, "you go girl" as you continue to ensure he has the BEST medical attention that is out there. I applaud you for standing up when the need arises.
Thanks to everyone for checking in....this post is a little different but I will continue this format on occasion as the chat is no longer here. Let me know what you think? Also, if anyone would like to write an inspiring post on this blog, let me know and I'll be more than happy to have you do it. My email is

Have You Participated in the Relay for Life???

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Sue G said...

Actually, Deb, I like your new format. I'm one of those people who never quite managed to get online for a chat when you were having them. So, this is nice for me, as I can "meet" people through your posts and their comments to you.

It's always interesting to me that cancer can make family out of strangers. I only know one person personally who also has RCC like myself. Your web site gives me an opportunity to hear about other people, their stories, and their lives around RCC.

As you know, RCC is my first cancer, but it was not my last. I've had thyroid cancer and sarcoma, in addition to three primary independent kidney cancers. Plus mets from the RCC to my lungs as well.

I have been in this journey for almost six years now. And I'm happy to report that my last scans in Chicago in August showed no evidence of any cancer in my body...for the first time in five and a half years!!!!

Because those of us on the oral targeted chemos are little more than lab rats--these being so new--they don't really know what to do with me. That said, I am still on full strength chemo for a few more cycles to watch for stable scans. Then we will discuss lowering the dose. It's kind of like stumbling along in this journey because they don't have large groups of studies for long term results. So I think of myself as blessed to be among the few who are paving the way.

Thanks for all you do to support people in the fight.