Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I know it's been forever since I've written a post here. I actually have been thinking of not renewing my domain name and just cancelling this blog. That was until tonight when I spoke with someone in Ontario, Canada who assured me that my blog has been read by several other cancer patients. Not only have they read my posts, but one man in particular who had a nephrectomy, also insisted that his doctor put him on some kind of chemo to prevent cancer recurrence. His onc initially ignored his request, but after perseverance on his part, the patient won out and he did receive several chemo treatments for prevention purposes only. Today, he is delighted to report that he is "cancer free"!!!

Of course being cancer free right now, does not mean that he will remain cancer free forever. He will continue to undergo testing in the months ahead, but the good news is that he is informed about what he needs to do. Both he and his oncologist will know if there is any sign of a cancerous lesion on future scans, MRI's or ultrasounds. That's the important thing.....that the patient is INFORMED of what he needs to do and despite his oncologist's initial disagreement to begin preventive treatment, this patient was determined to do whatever it took in order to take care of his future health.

In 2001, my husband and I heard the words from the medical specialists who said "Go home, live a full life because we have gotten ALL of the cancer and it will NEVER come back"

Oh my, I wished I would have known then what I've learned the hard way since.

My advice to any cancer patient is to always insist on asking for tests, information and treatments if you have researched and found what is best for you. While there are many excellent oncologists out there, don't always assume that everything they tell you is "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth"............

It is YOUR life and not theirs, so it's up to you to always get the BEST medical diagnosis and treatment for your type of cancer.

Yes, I WILL keep this blog and I trust that others out there will be helped in some small ways through my posts.



karen in ottawa canada said...

welcome back Deb - so happy to read your great words again. and i would betcha that for every one of us who sends you a note or leaves a comment of appreciation, there are many many more who also benefit from your work here. they just don't all feel up to writing a message. so keep it going my friend - you are a wonderful strength for all of us. hugs.

Sandy said...

Glad to have you back in the cancer blogging community! Yes, I do believe all of us who blog about cancer have something to offer each other as well those that we don't know who read our blogs. Don't stop! If you can help just one person with your words it is so worth the time we spend blogging. Besides, you always have good music ideas for me to steal :)

Jane Thompson said...

Phew - You're back Deb !!
I was starting to get worried I must admit.
I think we all have times when we think about stopping blogging - sometimes just to take time to be by ourselves. But you would be so sadly missed, especially by me Deb. You have been such a tremendous support to me and I would miss you dreadfully, as Im sure would many others.

Love from across the pond,