Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

It's been a couple of weeks here of mostly rain, rain and more rain. Somewhere behind those clouds, the sun IS shining although it's difficult to visualize that between the raindrops.

Our lives are like that as well, especially when sickness occurs and one is going through difficult times. It difficult to imagine a day when you will be feeling a little better.....but don't give up! Going through chemo and radiation treatments can definitely dampen one's spirits, take away your appetite and make you feel so terrible at times. It's all apart of the process and once the treatments stop and you take a break, you will gradually feel your appetite returning, your energy levels slowly getting stronger and you WILL feel much, much better in awhile.

On this Thankgiving holiday weekend, let's all take time to remember how blessed we all have been, not only during this past year, but each and everyday. For the most part, I never appreciated the sunny days before cancer, but know, everyday is filled with sunshine as I watch my husband continue to beat the odds.

Yes, take time to give thanks and enjoy a wonderful weekend with family and friends!!! Our family will be spending this weekend with some very special friends who we have met along our journey with cancer.



Jacki said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Deb!
Ours isn't for a few weeks....but we have so much to be thankful for.

I'm sure going to miss my Mike this holiday season!

Daria said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Jane Thompson said...

Happy Thanksgiving Deb !!
Im busy catching up with my emails so excuse my late reply - its been a bit hectic here lately as Im sure you can imagine.
Have a great time with Karen when you meet and give her my love.

(still fighting - never giving up!!)