Saturday, October 17, 2009

Promises Are Forever

I received an email recently from a caregiver who relayed a little of what a usual day entailed. Not what he ever imagined back several years ago when he repeated his marriage vows of "for better, for worse" , but today he feels even more in love and is so very grateful for all that he has been given.
Another caregiver wrote of how today's marriages end very rapidly because it's so easy to just pick up and leave when things go a little wrong. She has been the strong support for her husband and never ever imagined she had the strength to care of him like she does now. While he is unable to converse with her, his smile relays the deep love that he holds for her.
The true test to any marriage is holding on when it gets rough, and living with any type of serious illness, especially cancer, certainly puts your life into perspective. Caregivers are there through think and line, no complaints and despite the sleepless nights with many a nightmare thrown in, the endless worry of what "might be" and uncertainties that could fill an ocean, we are firmly anchored right by our loved one's side as they would be right there for us as well.
Just as in nature, when there's dark clouds on one side, there is always sunshine on another......and amidst it all, there is the beauty of that rainbow to get us through!!!


Whidbeywoman said...

What a beautiful post. It was the encouragement I needed tonight. Thank you!

karen in ottawa canada said...

Bob, my girls, my family & friends, you included, make up the colours of my rainbow - getting me through the tough times and helping me find the sunshine. I am thankful more than words can say. Thanks again for the reminder Deb. That rainbow was such an awesome sight on Monday, wasn't it! Great photo!