Monday, October 12, 2009

Ride the Waves to Calmer Waters

Once you hear the word CANCER, life suddenly takes on a whole new perspective. It is the diagnosis that no one individual ever wants to hear, but reality is, when you have been given your medical results and your doctor says it's cancer, then you do have to deal with it. There's just no running away hoping things will get better.

There will be many rough waters ahead as you await tests to verify the severity of your cancer, along with consultations with oncologists and specialists to determine the best course of action for treatment of your cancer. Surgery may be an option, it could be chemo or radiation, taking some of the newer oral medications may be recommended or other newer technological advances such as radio therapy or laporoscopic procedures.

One vital element to getting you through the many doctor visits, the uncertainties associated with test results and side effects from treatments is to have a good support system. It's vital that you connect with someone else who can relate personally to similiar anxieties and experiences. And never, ever think that you are all alone as you continue your fight against cancer.

How do you find that special someone? With today's technologies, it's actually very simple. Check websites that relate to your specific type of cancer, find chat rooms to communicate with other patients/caregivers, and don't ever be afraid to ask for professional help from the medical experts when you need that experienced someone to just talk things over with. It can become very overwhelming at times, and maintaining a positive attitude is absolutely necessary.

Remember also, that at times, it's not only the patient who needs that support, but other family members may be struggling as well, and it's very important that they too open the lines of communication with others who can help with their emotional struggles.

Communicating with someone else who also travels through the trials of cancer, definitely brings calmness to your life.

Never be afraid to ask for that help and support!!!


whidbeywoman said...

Good post. Without support, we would never be able to the ebbs and tides of a cancer diagnosis; we would be overcome by the rough waves. It is also nice to have someone to celebrate the calm waters with us, also.

Daria said...

What a great post ... must have that support.

Ken said...

Great post! caregivers also help with their emotional struggles.
BTW, where did you take these photos? looks familiar to me~

karen in ottawa canada said...

well said Deb - you have been a big part of my support system through my journey to date. Glad to have had the chance to tell you so in person finally! the photos look familiar to me too - LOL - think I have some similar ones! hugs to all of you, K & B

karen in ottawa canada said...

love the music Deb - who is it? Beautiful lyrics.

Deb said...

Michael W. Smith sings this's beautiful with such inspirational words for all of us. Glad you liked it!