Sunday, November 29, 2009

Au revoir Novembre

It's the last day of November so thought I would add a bit of upbeat Beatle music today to lift your spirits. Tomorrow I'll be posting Christmas songs everyday until the 26th. If there's a favorite you would like to hear, just leave the title on my chat forum and I'll try my best to add it the next day. Where does the time go? Seems every year just gets shorter and shorter, doesn't it?

As I looked out my window a couple of nights ago, I could see Christmas lights from a distance. Yes, some people have their tree lights already in place, presents purchased and wrapped, baking all complete and they now have the rest of the time before the Christmas arrival to partake of Christmas caroling, concerts and religious celebrations.

For those of you, who like myself are not even close to the Christmas preparations, don't worry as there is lots of time left to get everything done. I have however completed one of my annual traditions. When our children were small, I made a green felt Christmas tree for each, with pockets glued on it .......(ouch, I still remember the burns on my hands as I was trying to finish it one November 30th)...... to represent each day of December up to Christmas Eve. I put small presents in each of the pockets and I can still remember how my children's eyes would light up each morning, as they ran to see what was in each day's pouch. Even though the presents in each were very small and inexpensive, this annual tradition has continued throughout the years and somehow something would be missing if I didn't fill each child's Christmas tree at the beginning of December.

Tradition.....yes, it is important to keep up tradition if at all possible. Usually it's the simple things that families have done over the years that mean the most. I'm sure that each of you also have your own traditions every December and that's what makes it so special, because of the uniqueness we all bring in our creation of a tradition.

It's tradition in our house for our children to be at home to help decorate the outdoors with the usual lights and wreaths. It's not so much about how the decorations turn out, but it's definitely about how we all do it together. This year will be special for all of us, as the past few years have been as well. We count our blessings every year for all we have been given, but more especially as the Christmas season approaches.

I also know that the Christmas season will not be joyous for many of you this year, due to illness and probably the loss of loved ones. You WILL get through it, and you must be strong for the rest of your family members as well. Whoever said "life was easy" certainly never had to endure illness such as cancer or losing loved ones unexpectedly or after a long period of illness. Bottom line to remember is not to give matter how difficult the going might become. There will be times as you listen to the more solemn Christmas carols that you will think the holidays will never end, but then again, it is a time for remembrance of those you have lost and a time for celebration of the blessings and thanksgivings for those who are still here with us.

I trust that each of you will take time during this December to continue with your family traditions, share those special moments and rekindle those very special memories of loved ones you may have lost this past year. I will have a lit candle here later in December to show my celebration of those brave heroes who have fought the good fight with cancer......those who have led the way so gallantly for so many other cancer patients.

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