Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cancer Connection Around the World - One Red Dot at a Time

Guess you have noticed that I've added a globe to my site......I've placed it right at the beginning though for a particular purpose.

This globe will show the connections that I have acquired right around the world as a result of my blog. One red dot indicates each internet provider's address where viewers originate. For example, my location will be Dartmouth, Nova Scotia based upon my internet provider's main service area. You won't actually see my home town appear, as I don't live in Nova Scotia, but if you do see that name pop up, it just might indicate that I'm on the computer "or" others from a much larger radius living in that area who also use the same provider are checking out the site.

Seeing those small red dots mean alot to me as I continue to write my posts. It means that my blog is being read, people are returning to see what I write, and most of all, it indicates that those who are affected by cancer, are being connected, being informed and together we are getting support and encouragement all around the world.

You can increase the size of the globe and take a closer look at those dots by holding down the " + " icon at the lower left on the globe, or you can use the other icons to move up or down, etc. I actually saw this feature on a fellow bloggers website last week .......instantly I had to download it so that everyone could see how our world has become so inviting to all of us via the internet and how each of us all share similiar interests and concerns about cancer.

Yes, using the internet is a great way for cancer patients to communicate......from one continent to another, right around the world.
As those red dots continue to multiply, so will my knowledge about cancer....I trust yours will also!

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Daria said...

Hi Deb ... I too can't resist ... I added it to my website. Thanks.