Thursday, November 12, 2009

Everyone Should Live Life to the Fullest

Have you ever saved your best towels, pillow cases, tableclothes or dishes and used them only for very special occasions? Are you one of those people who have a room in your house that is only there to look at, and NOT to live in? Maybe you keep "putting things off" for a later date, because you are way too busy for it now?

Once any serious illness comes into one's life, you definitely look at things in such a different perspective. All of the above are just THINGS......all of these can be replaced and although they may seem invaluable to you at the moment, in reality they are not what is or should be at the top of your list as IMPORTANT. No matter what type of material things you have that seem of value to you now, they can never make that serious illness go away.

Having cancer in a family most definitely puts things into the proper perspective. Your once items at the top of your priority list now for the most part, appear somewhat trivial. What matters most of all now, is to live life day by day to the fullest. Isn't that what everyone should be doing? Why do we all need that serious illness to make us realize that we all need to live life to the best of our ability every moment of every day. Cancer, just helps to push us a little faster in that direction.

I continue to keep telling my husband that having his cancer diagnosis is not something he should worry about with regards to his longevity. After all, I could die tomorrow without having an illness today, so it's important to keep that in the proper perspective. Why keep dwelling on the "what if's" as a cancer patient, as it serves no purpose, only to add stress to your everyday life. Accept your illness.....but don't dwell on how long you have left to live. No one, not even the medical experts can predict that.......

Enjoy each day to the fullest...........and as the song says, ALL of us should most definitely

Live Like We Were Dying

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