Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Husband's Free Medicine - It Really Works!!! now I've got your attention with the title I've chosen for today's post. It's Sunday morning, and yes, my husband has just received his usual and most valuable medicine that he looks forward to each and every Sunday morning. No, it's not been prescribed by any of his doctors, nor is it found in any of your local pharmacies......but believe me, it is truly effective in fighting cancer.

I really don't mean to tease anyone, but I really wanted you all to read what I'm about to say. This medicine is for my husband's soul and mental well-being, and it truly plays a very big part in his ability to keep going, to remain positive despite what the medical experts keep telling him and to have such a wonderful quality of life.

He finds it on our local television network every Sunday morning and it is the
Joel Osteen Ministries weekly broadcast. You can check out the website by following this link

Now, I'm definitely NOT here to preach to anyone, but I'm just writing about what works for my husband. His Sunday morning ritual of watching this show, truly gives him the faith and inspiration to keep going in the week ahead. It is "always" as though Mr. Osteen is preaching directly to him.....that is honestly how we both feel....even though of course we know he isn't.
If you are unable to access this program in your part of the world, you can actually watch videos of his weekly programs from the above link, by clicking on the "Watch Online" area at the right of the webpage. Today's show was entitled "Activating Faith Instead of Fear" and it was once again a very powerful message about how one should not always live in fear of the what-ifs, but live each day with a positive mind in God's faith.
That is exactly just what my husband does!!!
Everyone who knows my husband on a personal basis, will definitely agree to what I have just stated. To watch him at work everyday, full of energy and his non-stop attitude, is truly a wonder to behold!
Remember, that although the medical environment plays a very important part in your journey, it is NOT the entire remedy that you need. You need FAITH and a strong belief that anything is possible.........
I trust you will check out the website and I'll be anxious to hear your comments. Of course, if you already have another source of faith, that's I stated earlier, Mr. Osteen is who inspires my husband and I wanted to write today's post to share it with those who probably need that special faith and inspiration.

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