Monday, November 09, 2009

Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Hand

Every cancer patient needs support....that is a given. If any of you are travelling this journey alone, then you most definitely need to step up to the plate and ask a family member, close friend or someone whom you trust explicitly to be there with you. Trying to deal with cancer is not something that you should do alone, as you will need the support of others to help get you through.

You need an advocate to ensure you are getting the best possible medical care, as well as someone who will ask those difficult questions and examine every possibility that is out there for you with regards to new treatments and options. You need someone to confide in and someone whom you trust to keep your inner most thoughts and feelings close to their heart. You need someone who will inspire and encourage you on your darkest days, someone who will keep you going when you think you just can't do it anymore, and someone to pick up the pieces and mold you back on your most difficult days. Someone who will not ask questions of you, but will listen attentively to what "you"have to say.

For those readers who are not cancer patients...take note! If you should know someone who has cancer, why don't you lend your support. You can always prepare a nutritous meal, offer to help out with chores, provide transportation to a doctor's visit or to medical tests, or just stop by to help brighten a gloomy day. The ways in which you can help are endless!!!

Yes, no one can fight adversity alone....we all need someone!

I hope you REACH OUT to someone today!!!

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whidbeywoman said...

YES! Definately gather support.
The is a great post. Sometimes when we write these blogs we forget that people reading them may be new to the journey and need the most basic information.