Friday, November 27, 2009

Stand By Us

Last night I was delighted to hear from a very dear friend. It's been awhile since we last conversed, but as always we instantly picked right up where we left off so many months ago. That's the way it is with "friends".....there's never any need for apologies or insecurities because you know their loyalty will always remain.

After we ended our telephone conversation, I realized just how fortunate our family is to have these wonderful friends. Unconditional friends who never leave, despite the way our lives sometimes change.

It's important that those who have cancer, also have very loyal friends to help them through, especially during difficult times such as receiving bad news at test results, or while undergoing treatments, and even when emotions are at an all time low. You need friends who will stick by you unconditionally, with no time limits attached and a mandate to remain "mum" if that's they way you choose things to be.

Yes, we have wonderful friends! Friends that my husband or I can call at anytime of day if we need their help and support. A true rarity for sure, and one that we realize we might never be able to repay......friends that will be discreet when needed and friends that know to respect and understand our privacy and decisions.

Most of us don't realize the true value of our friends, until a serious illness such as cancer or another crisis enters our lives. We have been truly blessed to realize the importance that our friends play in our lives and we trust that they know that.

So....for our many friends both near and far, here is a heartwarming and endearing Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!


Unknown said...

Hi Deb and readers of Deb's blog.

Thank you very much for your kind words you did leave on my blog the other day, and putting a link on to your website over to my website. Well, just to give a heads-up to anybody who thinks about paying me a visit on my blog: English is not my first language, so it might be a little bumpy to read here and there. ;-)

Indeed, it was some year, 2009. First my wife with breast - cancer in March and then me beginning of October with my kidney-cancer diagnosis. My wife's breast cancer was caught early, yet, it is a Grade III, which means it is on the agressive side. The last scan came back okay, however, it is just too early to draw any conclusions at this point. I think in spring of next year - if the scans/mammos are going to be clear again - we have a better and more reliable understanding of the situation.
My affected kidney will be removed this coming Monday. After that, we will have to see what we have to do next.
Starting two websites - one for my wife's breast cancer and the other one dedicated to my kidney-cancer - was and still is a lot of work. However, I got so much in return. And now to tie back to Deb's posting about the importance of having friends: through my two websites/blogs, I met so many fantastic people, who not only provided me with tons of useful information but also truly care about me and my wife. People I didn't know before, made themselves readily and unselfishly available to me. I couldn't be any more grateful.
Interestingly enough, Deb, the same just happened to me. An old friend of mine from Germany heard of my cancer. We haven't spoken in 10 years. He reached out to me and I was so pleasantly suprised by that. And know it took him a lot to write that email since we estranged from each other over the years, especially since we haven't left if off at good terms. But it was fantastic to hear from him and to catch up.

Okay, thank you very much. I will try to make it to one of your next chat-meetings, please let me know the schedule. Take good care.

Tony (

karen in ottawa canada said...

well said as always Deb - friends really are precious, aren't they! old ones, and new ones too!
and Tony - your English is just fine - we understand you completely! All the best to you on Monday - will be thinking of you and look foward to hearing how the laproscopic surgery went - best wishes!