Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This Too Shall Pass

So many of my viewers are going through difficult times as a result of their having cancer.
One viewer identified as "Cranky" posted on the chat forum today about how he/she is struggling with the treatments and side effects that cancer brings and how it is so difficult to find the sunshine in all of this. I can certainly relate to the bad times that cancer brings, as I've watched my husband go through turbulent waters over these past months. You have a right to be cranky my dear, whenever you feel like it, so don't ever complain about that name or about your not being able to smile sometimes......hang in and hang will get through!

I recently received an encouraging comment from another viewer, Tony, who also has a blog entitled There is a saying that "no matter how tough you think you have it, there is always someone who has is worse"....well, I discovered that was true as I read his blog, for not only does he have cancer, but also his wife. I can only imagine that there are alot of emotional highs and lows in their household, but after reading several of his posts, I can tell that he has a great faith and strength that will get him through. He is soon going to have a nephrectomy, so I trust you will check out his blog and send along your good wishes....he most definitely does need all of our encouragement and support right now, and his wife as well needs to know that our community of cancer patients and caregivers are there for her also. It is not an easy road to travel, but I know Tony will be just fine....because of his positive attitude, determination to not quit and his faith.

These are only two examples of the struggles that people are having as a result of cancer. We all have our own crosses to bear, sometimes in very different ways, but we all travel very similiar roads.

As today's song by Yolanda Adams says "This Too Shall Pass"....look ahead to better days, but you must ride the turbulent waves first in order to reach the calmer shore!