Friday, December 18, 2009

Guestbook Added

Everytime I open my blog, it begins at the end of the page, rather than at the beginning....I have absolutely no idea why this happens, but bear with me. I am not technically sauve at all, so maybe the chat automatically goes to the end, if I happen to move it from it's original top of page position. If anyone out there has a way to correct this, please send your comments my way.

I've been checking out many of your blogs recently....there are some very creative ones and for those of you who have now added music, it is a great opening feature. Sometimes I can't always seem to find the songs/Christmas carols that I would like to add, depending of course on the type of Playlist that I'm using. If there is anything in particular you would like me to play, just let me know as well.

I've added a Guestbook....I must admit that I copied the idea from another blog. I'd appreciate your taking a few minutes to sign it. I am grateful for all of my loyal viewers and would like to hear from more of makes creating this blog worthwhile when I know that you are checking in. Please just don't read the posts, but also leave a message on the chat, in the guestbook area or in the comment makes creating this blog more worthwhile when I know others are checking in.
Seems our little Yorkie has settled in nicely under our Christmas tree!

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Daria said...

Deb it's fun trying out all these new gadgets. Just wanted to say, I'm at your blog regularly.