Thursday, December 03, 2009

Last Night's Chat

Thanks to everyone for joining in on last night's chat. Although we were small in numbers, our support system is a multitude of strength! I was hoping that more cancer patients and their caregivers would join us, but it does take time to get used to how the chat works and the benefits of it can only be obtained once you join in and begin a conversation with others who have the same concerns and uncertainties as you do. A new friendship was formed last night between a couple of our chatters, Karen and Flo who discovered that even though they live so many miles apart, they do share a common bond and I can tell that a meeting between them is very near. Thanks also to Joanne for taking time to join in the chat.....she is a wonderful lady who is "always" there to inspire each of us and I truly value her friendship. It is truly amazing how you can create such a special rapport once you meet these wonderful individuals!

I received your email Patti.... and sorry you could not get on the chat. If anyone is having problems with that, please leave a comment after any post and I'll check it out further. You would have to either register in order to use this one, "or" just click the "Guest" option, hit Enter, and then post your question/comment. I will schedule another chat in January, so everyone will have another opportunity to meet others. In the meantime, be assured that you can post a question/comment at anytime or begin a chat if you should see another viewer logged on.

It's cold here today but beautiful....there's wind enough to blow you right out into the Atlantic but at the same time, it's a healthy, crisp winter's day. Lots of things on my "To-Do" list but I wanted to add today's beautiful song "A Soldier's King"'s a Christmas song by Donny Osmond. Such a beautiful one indeed and a great tribute to all of our brave soldiers who serve their country so heroically! This lyrics of this particular song reminded me instantly of my husband. Although it speaks of a soldier, it's words reflect the bravery and heroism of my husband over these past months. I will try to post the lyrics here today at the beginning of this blog (you can slow down or stop the lyrics at anytime by placing your cursor over them) and I'm sure for those who have watched cancer patients fight their valiant battle, you will find the song very special.

I read the blog last evening and I'm happy to report that Tony is back home again after his kidney surgery. Very happy to hear that it went well.
I'm sure that many of my viewers check out the blog as we follow the courageous path of our friend Jane in the UK. She is definitely blazing a trail for everyone with kidney cancer and I'm happy to report as well that she is now back home, after a couple of recent surgeries. She is such an inspiration to everyone!!! If you visit any of their blogs, please leave a message of encouragement. Your words can go a long way to help others heal and help overcome their adversities.
I've added some new blogs as well that I've been following and there's soooo many other great ones out there that I will be including in My Blog List during December. Even though my blog reflects kidney cancer, I welcome ALL cancer patients/caregivers as we all follow the same path along this journey.

"The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it" ...... C. C. Scott

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