Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A Miracle of Fate

I am a strong believer that people come into our lives when we need them most of all, not by chance but by fate! Today, I would like to relay a story to you that will most definitely confirm this belief.

Yesterday I spoke of Karen, who is a cancer survivor and who visited us this October. During her visit to one of our smaller towns and after walking most of the afternoon with her husband, she stopped into a small cafe to sit and rest for awhile before starting the long walk back. A kind lady served them and after a little conversation Karen relayed how she was a survivor of kidney cancer and how she had undergone surgery just last year. To her amazement, this lady told her that she also had undergone kidney cancer surgery last year!!!! Now, what would be the chances of this woman who traveled hundreds of miles who met another lady who had undergone similiar experiences, and most amazing was the fact that both of these women had the same type of cancer - kidney cancer -. Truly amazing indeed when you think about the fact that there are over 200 different types of cancer in the world!

Needless to say, Karen and Sue spent quite awhile talking about their health issues and concerns. Sue had often wished she knew of someone whom she could talk with about her cancer so many times over the past year, but there was no one. She lived alone, with no family and operated this small venue as her only income. It had been a very difficult year for her indeed, after discovering she had cancer, then needed immediate surgery and not knowing anyone who could relate personally to her situation. She did not have a computer and therefore was not able to connect with others over various websites to obtain support or answers to her many questions. And now, here was Karen, right there in her cafe, just stepping in by "fate" to be her angel of support and encouragement!!!

Sue has planned a trip soon to visit Karen and they have formed a very special bond!

I am sure you can also reflect on people who have entered your life when you needed them most of all, especially in times of your greatest need.
As we enter December and reflect upon the miracle of the birth of Jesus we should never lose sight of the fact that......

Miracles do just need to believe!!!

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karen in ottawa canada said...

I'm still in awe when I think back on that day. Just amazing. Not much makes me speechless (as you well know, LOL!) but that sure did!