Tuesday, December 01, 2009

No...You Are Never Alone Along This Cancer Journey

I opened an email this morning only to find an amazing offer from a viewer whom I met last year as a result of my blog.

It was an open invitation for my husband and I to go visit Karen and her husband who live in another province. Now it's not everyday you get that sort of invitation by someone who you have only recently met, and I was indeed humbled by it. It made me realize that good things can happen as a result of cancer, and one of those is the friendships that I have created with other patients and caregivers along this journey. Truly amazing!

Karen stumbled onto my blog last year....she is a cancer survivor and she is one amazing lady!!! I had the opportunity to meet her in October of this year, when her and her husband visited our province. My anticipation in her arrival was like an early Christmas present. We all spent quality time together around a dinner table, taking in some of the city night life and breathing in the salty air of the great Atlantic on the following day.

When my husband was first diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2006, it was a horrific life changing moment for myself and our family. I personally thought that hearing his doctor's diagnosis was the worse thing that I had ever experienced in my life. Now as I look back over these past months, I realize all of the good events that have happened along the way.....one very special one indeed was my chance meeting on this blog with Karen, which has bloomed into a wonderful friendship between two families.

We met Karen and her husband this year over Thanksgiving weekend.....another truly amazing time of the year for this to happen! And to add to all of this, Karen brought me gifts on that Thanksgiving Sunday, one of which I will always treasure, as I look at it each day placed in my window. There is no explanation needed for the reason why it's so special, as I'm sure you will instantly understand as you view it's picture

Yes, good things can come from traveling along this cancer journey....I have met wonderful people who have helped my husband and I in tremendous ways and with whom we share a very special bond.....I trust you will find the good in cancer as well!

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karen in ottawa canada said...

okay, it worked - you brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face, all at once! hugs my friend.