Sunday, December 06, 2009

We All Adapt

This is a picture of my lawn at 9:30am this morning.....remember yesterday I posted that a Nor'wester was on the way for our area? Well it did arrive this morning as promised, and the snow continues to come down.
This picture was taken of my lawn exactly four hours later today......quite a big difference for sure.

I am NOT a winter person and as this was our first snowfall for the season, it does take time to adapt. We are only about half through this major winter storm today, as approximately 30-40cm are forecasted. I enjoy the freedom of the other three seasons, when you can just wear shoes, light outerwear, there's no shoveling or icy roads and life just somehow seems so much easier when the weather is warm and there's no snow. Somehow though, I am certain that I will adapt over the rest of the winter months....I always do and that's how each of our lives are as well.

Before cancer came into our lives, it was as though we lived in the other three seasons...the ones that were so much easier to get by on. Now though with cancer at the top of each daily life decision, my husband and I seem to live in a winter season of sorts as there are always obstacles to overcome and life is just a little more challenging. Our family have adapted though to my husband's diagnosis and we have learned to enjoy what is important and we have realized the blessings that cancer has brought to our family.

I trust that you will also look for the "beauty" that cancer brings.....


Meya said...

Love that picture of the winter snow on your lawn Deb.

Barry said...

Your garden is beautiful, especially under that blanket of snow! We have a storm predicted for here on Wednesday but we will have to see what kind of accumulation it brings.

Unknown said...

Hi Deb:

I can certainly to your posting today because this year is the first year EVER that I REALLY look forward to Christmas and the Holiday season. I used to get annoyed, because I thought about all the stress with people coming over, us visiting relatives all over the place, etc..
But this year I can't wait. My wife's cancer diagnosis and my own one has flipped flopped my value system entirely.
And in a very weird way, I am thankful to my cancer, that it enabled me to finally open my eyes and realize what a blessed person I am.

Take care.