Monday, January 18, 2010

Clinical Trial Info for ALL Types of Cancer

My last post included information about an upcoming Live Chat by Kidney Cancer Canada, which will reference information about "Clinical Trials" for kidney cancer patients.....this is your chance to ask questions and get the answers you have been wondering about with regards to accessing clinical trials and other relevant data.

I wanted to advise of a couple of other sites that you may also wish to check - pre the Live Chat - that provide some very good information about trials for all types of cancer that are occurring in some 171 countries, as well as those specifically in the US.  The links are as follows:  - provides info on trials in various countries   -  provides info on US trials only

Write down any questions you may have for the Live Chat on January 28th about may not get to ask them all, but you will be prepared and no doubt, most of your concerns will be addressed throughout the Chat.

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