Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is "Start Livin'" the Next Thing on Your List?

My husband's philosophy about having cancer is "there's not much I can do about it, but I WILL stay positive and I WILL "not" give up!"

I am convinced without a doubt that having a positive attitude is a high priority in your battle against cancer.  Sometimes it's not going to be easy to maintain this unflappable approach because there will be many bad days, but if you can rise above those valleys, there will be alot of good days ahead.

Take advantage of the good days and take time to do what's important on your list.  Just as today's song suggests, each of us should  have our own list of people and things in our lives that should be high priority and "start livin" and enjoy the most valuable things in life, but unfortunately it's not until we are stuck by some sort of disaster, that most of us realize this.  Life is very short for all of us so we don't need to waste a minute of it.

Last week's devastation in Haiti brings life into perspective for all of us.  In less than forty-five seconds, the lives of millions of people were changed...some lost forever. 

I have met so many cancer patients over the past three years who most definitely live their lives to the fullest and who do not let their cancer diagnosis stand in the way of their missing out on the important things.  I hope that you  don't allow yourself to become a cancer patient who just gives up when you hear a diagnosis of cancer from your doctor......remember, we all only can take life one day at a time, so don't waste a minute of it.......


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whidbeywoman said...

Yes, Start living! After battling cancer for five years, my husband and I have decided it is time to TAKE BACK THE JOY! Until our daughters spoke the truth in love to us, we had no idea how much cancer had consumed our life.
Excellent post. Thank you!