Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last Night's Webinar how mamy of you actually tuned into last night Kidney Cancer Association's live webinar about the treatments for kidney cancer and possible side effects?  If you didn't, then you most definitely missed a very informative presentation.  There was a slight glitch with viewing the video but no problems at all in hearing the audio and I made numerous notes.  Some discussion topics were ones I am already informed about, but I still like to hear the answers from another specialist's perspective.  Remember, you can never absorb too much information about your type of all helps to give you a better quality of life as well as keep you in the know about what new treatments, etc that are out there. 

I did see a couple of familiar faces of other caregivers  (i.e. names) on the viewing lists last night and it was wonderful to know that these individuals are keeping informed like myself.....they are not leaving everything up to their oncologist or kidney cancer specialist...but we are all becoming "experts" of sort on the type of treatments that are now available and we will have first hand knowledge about how to prevent or treat our loved ones side effects if they should occur.

The presentation was given by Ms. Laurie Appleby, NS, APRN who is on the advisory board for  and who is associated with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University. I have sat through many similiar webinars in the past, but I must congratulate Ms. Applyby on her very informative presentation, which was given to us lay patients/caregivers, in a language that could be easily understood.  Sometimes I have found that discussions about kidney cancer can become very professional and more suited for the medical experts, and I leave such presentations with a feeling of total ignarance about what has been said. 

A very encouraging opening statement by Ms. Applyby on the topic of kidney cancer was to reiterate the fact that kidney cancer is now becoming a CHRONIC DISEASE similiar to diabetes, heart disease or asthma.  "Chronic" meaning that for the most part, this type of cancer can be controlled through the use of targeted therapies and not a "terminal" disease as most cancer patients are told by their physicians.  Cancer patients reading today's post need to repeat the word "chronic" again, many times over so that they can be encouraged about all of the recent innovations that have evolved for kidney cancer over the past 3 years...truly amazing and indeed, very encouraging to say the least!!!  I have previously discussed the terms of "chronic versus terminal" disease in an earlier post from October 2009 and you can access what I have written by scrolling down to the Blog Archive on the left side of this blog and going to that particular month.

I'll continue with more info on last's night webinar in another post later today.

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Unknown said...

Deb, i think your chat function has disappeared? perhaps it is my stupid computer acting on me again.
i had to miss yesterday's webinar as I was working o/t -_-..
we are off to get our first results post nephrectomy, very anxious. at the same time, my dad who is 5'5 has dropped down to 98lbs, hopefully i'll get some answers from our Oncologist today.

have a good one.

Deb said...

Chenny..good to hear from you. Good luck with your Dad's results. Keep me posted! The chat has been temporarily removed as it was not being used solely for the purpose designed. I will put it back when we schedule a live chat. I'll let you know in advance!

Joanne said...

Hey Deb,
I missed the seminar also due to work. There is a live chat coming up on KCC website from Dr. Mary Mackenzie, medical oncologist, from London, Ont. The details are on that website.
I love your pictures!
Hope all is well. I sent you a short e-mail yesterday.
Take care.

MTCancer said...

You don't know me but thank you!!! My husband was diagnosed with stage IV gallbladder cancer on Oct. 24, 2009. Him 53, me 50...our time just around the corner after raising 6 children. Why my soul mate when so others not happily married, all the phone calls, everyone wanting to talk about it constantly when we are to make the most of each day and then the phone rings again!! They care, I know, we are blessed to have a large loving family. On the internet searching for answers every day every night, hope faith God miracles survivors...then I found your site. Not alone, someone who really knows and understands exactly what I am feeling, knows that we have to be the strength through our own terrible heart wretching pain. I am sorry that you are going through this but your posts helped me through tonight. God Bless You. Tracy Reese (husband Mike)