Friday, January 15, 2010

My Blog's Purpose & Fulfillment

I started this blog back in August 2008, for two reasons.  I wanted to get on here and hopefully connect with other cancer patients and their caregivers who were in similiar situations and from whom I could hopefully obtain information needed to help my husband and myself along this cancer journey. My second mandate was to try and help others by sharing the little bits of information that I then had, as well as through writing posts that I hoped might encourage or inspire those who needed it most.  My email list has grown steadily since that time and it is always such a pleasure to read them, to share any information I may have with you, and for me, this blog has been the best source of information I could ever hope to obtain in my quest to help my husband along this cancer journey!!!!  Those viewers with whom I keep in touch with personally, are the most caring, understanding, uplifting and informative people I could ever hope to know......and your comments that you leave on this blog are appreciated more than you could ever imagine.

This morning I opened my email and once again there was  a message from a new viewer.  It was from a lady " T" who herself has cancer, as well as her husband.  Her message was one of thankfulness for having found my blog just yesterday, for having read my post about how a diagnosis of terminal kidney cancer is now being renamed a CHRONIC disease such as diabetes or asthma, rather than one where your doctors tell you there's nothing else out there and just send you home without any hope to cling to.  She thanked me for the post and said reading it yesterday "helped her make it through the night"..... She was glad to have found someone who "really understood" what she was going through.

Needless to say I am very humbled by "T"'s comment and although I won't be showing it on the blog, as I do not want to reveal her identity, I do want here to know that it's not only I who she has now found, but also a community of very helpful, caring patients and caregivers who will be here for her.  I will be having a Live Chat by the end of this month right here on my blog for those who wish to connect with others to obtain support, information, encouragement not just for that night, but from here on, whenever you need someone.  We are a close knit community who are always just an email away.  Patients who themselves who have cancer, patients who are now cancer free and caregivers, like myself, who are there to offer support and to receive support and information from others.

And now a few personal notes to some of my viewers as I might not be able to access your email address....My computer is presently having problems and will need to be repaired next week.  In the meantime, you can always reach me at

"T" - please send me an email at the following address so that I can communicate better with you.  I do not reveal alot of personal information on this blog as you can imagine but I am willing to share it with those in need.  My email is

Karen -  sunshine and relaxing - need I say more?   Have a blast!!!

Chenny  -  thinking of you both today...hang in and hang on.....please send me your email as well so that I can connect with you

Flo - thinking of you both as well today....I'll be in touch and please know that you are definitely a lifesaver! 

Sue G - will send an email when Live Chat is scheduled, probably last week in January as I'm waiting to hear from other viewers as to what works for them

Bindy - sent an email but apparently you are "out of the office"....LOL    .....enjoy!!!

Bill - finally discovered your identity..hope you rec'd my email and please forward reply at the above address just in case my computer goes down...

Joanne - have a great weekend and take time for are such an inspiration to all of us!

Glenda - I know you will enjoy spending time with the little one and family.  Thinking of you always!

Tony - have not seen a post in awhile now....hope everything is well!

Jo - spoke with you the other night and I'll be posting a bit of info about hubby's sore hand/foot problems..sure hope it helps

If I have left names off this list, it is not intentional....just wanted to pass along a few notes to the above at this time.....

Have a great weekend everyone and another post should follow later today with more info on this past week's webinar!!! 

p.s.   I have clicked the "Rate" feature myself a coupleof times to see how it works...I'd really appreciate your letting me know what you think after reading each post.  All you need to do is click the appropriate star directly below this post!!!  Thanks again!!!!


Unknown said...

rated =).

Thanks Deb. I am hanging in, keeping my fingers and toes cross for some weight gain for Pop and hopefully a clean scan in 4 months (for the little things, nodule in lung and granulomas on liver to go away).

karen in ottawa canada said...

thanks Deb - the sun was shining and the week was great! next scans coming up Monday, so scanxiety is creeping in as usual. perhaps planning another holiday will help..... :-)

Daria said...

Deb by blogging I think we help each other through the tough times.