Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Smallest Donation is Appreciated!

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Just yesterday, I spoke of the recent innovations in cancer treatment and new technologies that have been made within the past few years.  One such very important high tech instrument is the


What's so special about this particular device you may ask?  Well, it is a radiosurgery system that destroys tumours or other lesions using beams of radiation , rather than a surgical knife, for various types of cancer such as pancreatic, lung or brain cancer, just to name a few.   The radiation is precisely focused, minimizing damage to healthy surrounding tissue.

While there have been more than 80+ Cyberknife units operating in different countries around the world since 2007, as of that year, there was not one single unit available within Canada.  Presently, there is one Cyberknife in Montreal, Quebec and another in Hamilton, Ontario that should be up and running this spring,  and now The Ottawa Hospital Foundation is embarking on a $3.5 million fundraising campaign to bring this state of the art technology to The Ottawa Hospital

This piece of equipment will revolutionize brain surgery and the treatment of many cancers.  It's targeted radiation has the ability to destroy tumors where a surgeon's scalpel cannot reach.  Many patients will be spared evasive surgery with the Cyberknife and it will reduce the side effects of conventional radiation, as the treatments with the Cyberknife can be completed in two or three days, compared to the conventional daily treatments for many of six or seven weeks.

Bottom line is, we need this very important and life saving technology in Canada's capital city and I am reaching out to viewers of my blog who would like to donate any amount towards this great technology.  With this Cyberknife in place, cancer patients can then elect to have radiosurgery instead of the traditional operation, thus freeing up operating rooms and more importantly making treatment for cancer patients so much easier and time efficient. If you were given the choice, which would you prefer?

The Ottawa Hospital must raise approximately $3.5 million in order to obtain this Cyberknife.  A regular viewer and kidney cancer patient of my blog " Karen Eagleson" is heading up her own fund raising event in collaboration with the Ottawa Hospital to help get this new technology in place this coming May and she is a shining example of one person's ability to make a difference!!!

If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause, you may do so directly by clicking either of the links provided and  I would greatly appreciate you following these instructions as well, to ensure that your donation goes towards Karen's fundraiser via my blog viewers.  All you have to do is go

DONATE ONLINE and then 'General Donation' from the second page, then on the next page pick 'Cyberknife' from the choices offered under 'Direct My Donation To". And I'd appreciate it if you could put 'Karen Eagleson's (kidney cancer patient) fundraising campaign for Cyberknife" in the 'NOTES' area.  Tax receipts will be issued, so please ensure that your name and address is entered correctly.

Karen will advise me of the amount that has been raised, and I once again gratefully solicit your support for such life saving and less intrusive technology for cancer patients.

Together we can ALL help to make this Cyberknife - Cutting Edge in Cancer Care happen!

Most of my viewers do not live directly within the Ottawa area, but no matter where you live in Canada, maybe one day you or a loved one or myself may need to use this Cyberknife technology.  Patients travel from one province to another now to obtain the latest technology possible to assist them with their medical needs, so whether you live in British Columbia or anywhere across our great country to the eastern most point in Newfoundland & Labrador, your donation is greatly needed and apprecited so that many cancer patients can receive this type of treatment.  It is an outstanding piece of cancer fighting technology and one that will help to reduce cancer deaths and increase the longevity and survivorship of cancer patients. 

Together we can ALL make that difference in eradicating cancer, and I think it is outstanding that my dear friend and cancer patient, Karen, is helping to make this possible in Canada's capital.  If I didn't believe in the importance that this device will have on the lives of cancer patients, I would not be posting this request on my blog!

Follow this link and scroll down to see a graphic of what Cyberknife technology looks like


karen in ottawa canada said...

thanks for getting behind this with me Deb - I am so excited by this technology and I know that together with your readers, we can make a difference. oh, and i absolutely love that Youtube song. Awesome - just like you! Life is good.

Daria said...

Boy the name sure suits it ... cyberknife.