Thursday, January 21, 2010

We Are All In This Together

I always appreciate comments on this blog and I really want everyone who reads each post, to let me know what you think.  Reading your comments gives me inspiration to continue this blog, and whether your comments are positive or negative, I do need to hear your comments.

If you don't want your name posted, be assured that I won't do that! 

While it's difficult to post something everyday, I will try my best to keep the website current, as I know when you keep checking back and there's no new posts, my viewers tend to disappear.  I do have some very loyal ones however, and I am very grateful for them.  Grateful to have met them through this blog, grateful for their support on difficult days and especially grateful for all of the information about new treatments and side effects. 

My husband and I have had the opportunity to meet some of you personally and we are hoping that next week we will once again meet another wonderful couple who share our concerns and uncertainties.  It is truly amazing how one blog can open doors to a whole new world of possibilites, not only for my husband but for each and everyone out there who visit cancer blogs everyday.  There's tons of information to be absorbed on each one, whether they are written in the first person perspective by a cancer patient themselves or by caregivers like myself.

Gabby our little Yorkie!

My last blog was about possible dangers of eating grapefruit when on cancer treatments.  Some of you already knew about it, while others never ever knew it could present problems for those on treatments.  This is the whole point in my's to share my information with others to inform them of what I know, and to obtain information from all of my viewers on what works for them, what is out there to help my husband and to make that personal connection via email whenever I need to know something.  I send off an email to some of my viewers and instantly, yes instantly I receive the info on what I'm asking's like having my own personal web data base......and I hope that each of you also avail of cancer blogs as well as mine to become better informed.   All any of us need to do is "ASK" and someone out there will respond to your concerns.

I've been trying to change the look of this blog with a new template....easier said than done.  I don't want to lose everything that I've accomplished here on this blog, but it is time for a keep watching!

Would you believe that our Christmas tree is still up, with lights glowing at night?  It is a site to behold!!!...... and who said that Christmas only has to last for a few days anyway?

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Anonymous said...

I remember this time last year we were at your home and your Christmas tree was still up... it gave a cozy, warm feeling ... maybe you should take it down by Easter??? LOL
Enjoying your blog.