Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ease on Down the Road

Having cancer in your life can affect you in two ways:

It can consume your life and that of your entire family     "or"

Even though you know it's there, you can NOT make it the focus of your everyday living

The choice is yours!!! 

In our family, we choose to follow the second option and NOT focus on the word "cancer" but live each day with this chronic illness, just like any person who has heart disease or any other long term health issues.  I honestly cannot remember when

we even mentioned the word "CANCER" in our everyday lives.  We are not trying to ignore it, but it really serves no purpose to constantly bring it on the carpet and keep it as a constant reminder to my husband.   

We had a visitor the other day who told us two very interesting things: 
1)  she believes that the reason why my husband continues to do so well, is because of course due to his great faith and ability to not worry about any health problems that may arise
2)  she said it is also most definitely because of the fact that we "live in the moment" and we don't wrap ourselves up in the world of CANCER
Needless to say, I was astounded to know that this particular person finally "got it" just like we did........!  That's the way my husband, myself and our daughters have always tried to handle cancer and move on with our lives and not let it consume us.  After all, isn't it better to think of the positives rather than the negatives in all of this?

While we are not ignoring the fact that it's right here with us, we have CANCER at the bottom of our list.....and I would encourage everyone to do that with whatever type of illness you may have in your family.  Focus on TODAY and the POSITIVES.....don't stop living but get on with living your other words.....
Ease On Down the Road



Whidbey Woman said...

Two thumbs up!!!

karen in ottawa canada said...

thanks for the reminder once again my friend. sure wish you were in town here to kick my butt now & then! hugs to you both!

Leigh said...

As always, your post is encouraging and right on!!!! Thanks Deb for all you do to remind us all ... we, or in our case our husband's, may have cancer, but it does not have us unless of course we allow it to consume our lives! Living in the moment, appreciating each and evey day! After all, none of us knows what tomorrow will bring!

Keep on being the wonderful encourager you are to the rest of us!

Bless you! Leigh

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the positive attitude - I too try to keep cancer on the bottom of my list - I have my reminder each day as I take my medicine, but I also enjoy life and focus on all (and there are many) positive things. Thanks again for sharing and encouraging others on this journey we are all taking.