Monday, March 08, 2010

Working Outdoors and Effects of Kidney Cancer on Males

It's a beautiful day here with sunshine....haven't seen that for awhile but instantly the glimpse of sun puts a brisker step in our walk and promises more energy for all of us.  There are definite advantages to our health as well from the sunshine as indicated by the following:

Received an interesting article this morning about  males  whose employ takes them outside, rather then indoors might actually combat the occurence of kidney cancer by 73% based upon their exposure to Vitamin D.  Very interesting indeed!!!  This study does not show any reduction or avoidance of kidney cancer though for females who work in an outdoor environment. Take time to read the link, as it does make for some very interesting information.

Appreciate everyone's emails and continued checking of the blog.  Been absent for a few days, but should be back on track now.  Lots of catching up to do though with my correspondence, but be assured that I will!


karen in ottawa canada said...

so glad to see you back online Deb - missed ya! great article, thanks for sharing! perhaps I'll have to start doing my gardening topless! LOL!

Whidbey Woman said...

Interesting article! More and more research keeps coming out about the role of Vitamin D in preventing cancer. Since we live in the northern hemisphere, we now take a supplement. Our doctors monitor our levels periodically to make sure we have enough. It is important to let your Oncologist know all of the supplements you take, as some interfer with certain drugs.