Wednesday, April 07, 2010

One-Day Kidney Cancer Patient Education Conference

If you live in the Toronto, Canada area or will be there this coming Saturday, please make an effort to attend their

All information can be obtained by clicking the above link, and remember that registration is required first in order to attend.  This Conference is open to all patients and caregivers and anyone who wishes to learn more information about kidney cancer.

These is no cost to attend and lunch is provided!

There will be presentations by medical oncologists as well as from other kidney cancer patients.

Some topics to be discussed will include the treatments available for kidney cancer patients and how to handle any side effects that you may encounter.

Hope you can attend...I'm sure it will be a very informative day as well as a wonderful opportunity to meet other patients and caregivers and form that very special bond of friendship and support!!!


Whidbey Woman said...

Hi Deb, just checking in. I've been on vacation and need to get caught up on my blogging. You are doing some great things here... supporting others, sharing helpful informaton. Good job!

karen in ottawa canada said...

Hi Deb - the patient education day in Toronto was awesome! I got to meet up with Joanne and Heather and Pat and their families - and others too. Too bad you couldn't make it - several people asked about you. We'll have to try to get you there next year!