Saturday, April 24, 2010

That's God!

I have written a couple of posts before about how many times people have come into our lives or events have happened since my husband received his cancer diagnosis that has not happened just by chance, but most definitely by FATE.  I am sure many of you have had similiar experiences along your cancer journey as well.

People who have touched our lives and left an imprint far beyond our imagination, a telephone call from someone who just happened to be thinking of you at a difficult moment in your life, or just recently at my house, a knock at the door one morning even before my husband was out of bed, only to discover two very dear friends who were visiting our area and who just happened to stop by to see us at a moment when I needed a long time friend most of all.

Yes, as my title today says "That's God" who steps into our lives and sends angels among us, just when we need them most of all. 

I am attaching a video which was sent to me today by a friend whom I have not personally met, but one whom I have connected with through my writing and through his writing over the past few years.  He has recently learned of my husband's battle with cancer and thought he would share this video with us.  I thank him sincerely for that and now pass it on to you so that you also can reflect on those fateful events that I am certain have come into your life.


Unknown said...

I really needed this tonight. I think an angel guided me to your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

God definitely steps in during times when we need him most! I enjoy reading your blogs and it gives both myself and my family hope during the battle of cancer. Thank you for your help! You are truly a wonderful and dedicated wife. Your husband is very fortunate to have you in his life and help him during his difficult battle. God bless!