Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Bit of This and That

As you may have noticed, I'll be changing the backgrounds to my blog quite frequently.  Change is good!

I have also added a CROSSWORD PUZZLE at the right for those of you who enjoy completing a daily one.  Enjoy Bindy!!!  Crosswords are great to energize your mind so I trust you all will give it a try.

I will also be having a LIVE CHAT on Monday, Sept. 13th @ 7:00 ET so I will look forward to meeting you!  Just click the tab "Chat Forum" at the top of this page, then enter your first name in the Guest area at the bottom of the chat forum, and click the Signin button.  Then you will be ready to post your question or comment.  Give it a try before Monday, to ensure that you understand just how it works.

That's it for now...enjoy today's music!

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