Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Blueberries Anyone?

If you Google blueberries and their benefits in fighting cancer, you will be surprised to find that these berries have the highest antioxidants compared to twenty other daily varieties of fruit. Just click the following link for more great information on the excellent benefits of eating blueberries...

Today, my husband and I went blueberry picking.  It's the first time we have done this for quite a few years and to be honest, I really never would have thought we would do that again a few months ago, but voila, there we were encompassed in a field of blueberries this afternoon.  (Note to Self:  Never say Never)   They were everywhere!!!  All I had to do was sit and pick and our final tally brought us well over a gallon of these precious berries.  There were other advantages as well to picking those berries today.  Lots of fresh air that ordinarily we might not have gotten, the opportunity to be totally in touch with nature - hearing only the wind blowing through the trees and the sound of wild birds chirping.  Ah.....such peace and solitude!!!  Good for the mind and good for the soul.

If you live in an area that offers you an opportunity to go pick some blueberries, then GO DO IT!  The rewards will be felt both physically and mentally.

  You will get a chance to enjoy solitude and be refreshed as you breath in nature's peacefulness.

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karen in ottawa canada said...

I eat blueberries everyday! and when I can't get nice fresh ones, the flash-frozen ones are nice too! i put them on my cereal, or on an Eggo waffle with some chopped walnuts/almonds and a drizzle of maple syrup. Yum!