Friday, September 10, 2010

Through the Years

My husband and I are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary today.  It's a day in which we both count our blessings for all the goodness that we have been given, not only during our marriage, but more especially during these last four years since my husband was first diagnosed with terminal cancer.  A diagnosis like that, definitely puts the important things of life into perspective.

The little things that we once probably didn't even notice before, have now become the focal point of our everyday lives. As I reflect back to our wedding day and our vows of "for better or for worse, in sickness and in health" neither of us of course never anticipated our journey with cancer, but we both count our blessings everyday.

We know for many families who are dealing with cancer, your situations are much worse.  Only yesterday I talked with a close friend whose sister passed away earlier this week with cancer, while another friend attended the funeral of her relative today, who also passed away due to cancer.  Yesterday as well, I was told of a close friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer while another lady awaits a very grave diagnosis of this disease.  Although both my husband and I try not to put cancer in the forefront of our lives, we of course cannot ignore it's presence and it brings it so much closer to home when you hear of another family who is struggling with all that cancer brings.

 If you are one of those families, please know that you are never alone.  We have learned that no matter how difficult some days may be or how uncertain your future appears at times, no one can truly predict "what tomorrow holds" so enjoy "today to the fullest"!  We have learned that many healthy people pass away suddenly without warning so don't dwell on your cancer.  Live your life as normal as possible and most of all, keep positive!

My husband and I won't be exchanging anniversary gifts, but we will receive very precious gifts......

the company of our children, our family and our friends and the blessing of celebrating another anniversary together...

We could not ask for anything more!!!


Chez Radford said...

Congratulations to you Deb, and to your 'Miracle' man.
Having gone through so much together it must be great to reach this anniversary knowing there were times you must have wondered what was around the corner, let alone several years on.
Love and friendship

Jo said...

A Very Happy Anniversary to you both and here's wishing many more years of love and happiness together.
If you can ride this wave of cancer over these past few years, you can certainly get through anything!

Meya said...

You both are one amazing couple - CONGRATULATIONS

Unknown said...

♥ Love is stronger than Cancer♥
Happy Anniversary!!!