Monday, September 06, 2010

How Does Your Country Rank Against Canada?

Most of you by now may have possibly read the latest edition of the Reader's Digest and one article in particular entitled "Map of Shame".  It describes Canada's provincial standing with regards to accessibility of cancer fighting drugs to those patients who need them most.  I am posting the link here for you to read, and I will write my comments about this article shortly.

For those of you who live in Canada, take a very close look at the chart below which outlines the number of deaths per 100,000 people for each province and the amount of dollars per capita for cancer agency.  Albeit, this report was initially published in 2004-2005.

(Source: “Your money or Your Life II” by Dr. William Hryniuk and Dr. Anthony Miller, Cancer Care in Canada, Winter 2004-05)

Now for a little more up-to-date information, you may want to read the following 
by the Cancer Advocacy Coalition.


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Unknown said...

That is really interesting. I bet it differs in the U.S. from region to region, too.