Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beginning 2011

Here I am again.  It's been many weeks since I've posted but as a New Year begins, I realize that I should get back to the writing of this blog.  Thanks to my loyal viewers who have continued to check in over all of this time, even though I've not been posting.

As I reviewed my blog followers, I notice that many of them no longer post.  Some have taken a break and I totally understand why you did.  I am not the patient, but I do know that from time to time I also have to take a break from all of the cancer stuff to rejuvenate so that I can be a good caregiver to my husband.  That is difficult maybe for those who are not affected with cancer to understand, but believe me, it does take it's toll on not only cancer patients, but also on caregivers and families as well.

I trust you all had a great Christmas and I'm wishing everyone all of the best in this new year.  As I listen to news reports it sure is unbelievable to hear about all of the clumate changes that are taking place right around the world.  Even in our little part of the universe, there has been no snow, absolutely NO snow during December and right up until today.  It's the first year I would think ever that kids have not been able to go sliding or even make snowmen during their Christmas school break.  Not such a big deal you may say, but the fact remains that the environment is definitely changing everywhere.

In this new year, I will be posting on several topics that I've already written about as it may help some new viewers along the way.  It's difficult to keep a topic going everyday, so I'll be writing on occasion and not on any particular schedule. 

I trust you will keep in touch..remember my email address is dannygabs@msn.com and I always enjoy hearing from you, listening to your concerns or just being there if you need someone to lean on.  Living with cancer is a two-way street and we all help each other even though sometimes without realizing it.

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