Monday, January 31, 2011

An Inspiring Patient

INSPIRATION is key to cancer patients - just ask anyone who is battling cancer and they will tell you the same. 

The amazing thing though about my husband is that HE is the one who is always there to inspire others!

How he does it some days I will never know.  He is a man of strength who holds such a strong belief in God above. 

One morning last week the telephone rang.  It was another cancer patient, Mike, who was calling my husband.  Why?  Well, two years ago, this particular patient was taken off his cancer meds and sent home with no other options only to prepare for the inevitable.  But then someone told him to go and meet my he did.

My husband's conversation to Mike that day, changed his entire outlook on how to deal with his cancer and more importantly, it taught Mike to LIVE!  I also have met Mike on a few occasions over the past year, and everytime, he always asks how my husband is doing and relates to me just how grateful he is that he did follow his friend's advice that day to go meet my husband.  He said he never worries anymore about his cancer even though sometimes his reports are not always what he would want them to be, but instead he now always looks to my husband for his inspiration and he says without a doubt, that is what keeps him positive everyday.  "No point in worrying", was Mike's last remark to me as I passed the telephone over to my husband.

What a great point of view that was from Mike!  Yes, there is no point in worrying, but when you have someone else to talk with on difficult days and someone to inspire you to get through them, that is what makes a huge difference.

It's a two-way street now between Mike and Willard.  They both draw upon each other's strength at times when they need it the most.

Yes, my husband is an inspiration to not only cancer patients but also to his family and friends.  Having cancer changes lives but it also shows the courage and determination of those who refuse to quit!!

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