Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Saffron Tea

After a request from one of my viewers, here is another post about the Saffron Tea.  Thanks to the viewer for asking as I honestly did not think to write about how it tastes.

So here's my husband's comments......

   "It has a stronger taste than green tea, but it tastes ok" ........and he drinks it without sugar, as he has high glucose levels, so even though the taste is not sweet, it is not that bad either.

I serve it to him first thing in the morning....I do think it is the best way to get the benefits from this particular spice.  Don't forget to strain it so that the drink is totally clear of any saffron pieces.  The tea will appear yellow in color.

Hubby has been taking it now every second morning and we alternate with fresh carrot juice on alternate days....he is feeling great.....much, much better than he was last week.  Am I certain that these two remedies are working, you might ask?   No, we can't say for sure, but I'm sure that they are not hurting him either.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i will be finishing my first cycle of Sutent on tue, i have read your info on Saffron tea & ordered some Saffron, what im not sure about is whether i should drink this while i am on Sutent or wait until my 2 week break?? as i have read it kind of does similar things to cancer cells as Sutent, i dont want to b putting too much of something into my body??? i hope i dont sound silly but this is all still so new to me. x

Pink Kitchen said...

Although I am a strong believer in the healing power of food, saffron tea is completely new to me. Thanks for posting. I'll study up on it.