Friday, February 18, 2011

Chemerical - Have You Seen It?

While scrolling down the televison channels the other night, I came across a very interesting documentary entitled

(you can click on the above link to read more)

It provides detailed information on all of the toxins aka "poisons" we have in our home, and we ALL do have them, sometimes without realizing it.  They are in our everyday cleaning products such as dish detergents, personal hygiene items, make-ups as well as components of these toxins can be found within the baby care sections.

Needless to say, it was a real eye-opener to watch this and then realize just how much of it I have right here at home.  Toxins that I use everyday without even giving it a second thought as to how they are harming our family. 

One such example would be my dish detergent.  I, like you, always try to get my dishes squeaky clean, but in the process of using a high volumn of suds, that also results in some of these toxins being left on my dishes. Next time someone uses them, these toxins are then passed along in the foods served on them.

Here is another link to watch a short excerpt of the show

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