Tuesday, February 08, 2011

From Three Months to Five Years!!!

Today's post is one of the most inspiring stories you will ever read about a cancer patient.  It's about my husband and how he truly is that miracle man of whom I speak.

Today is his birthday!!!  Everyone's birthday is a special day, but today is not only special at our house, but also it's inspiring to say the least.  My husband celebrates his fifth birthday anniversary after he was initially given only three months left to live back in 2006.  Yes, that's right, it's been five years - wow, truly amazing. Now that is something to celebrate!!!  He is feeling great and will definitely be celebrating with family and friends later this evening.

Most importantly though, for other cancer patients who may be reading this today and who also may have received a devastating cancer diagonsis, don't despair but keep your faith and keep inspired by just knowing about my husband's cancer journey.  We seem to always hear the bad news about cancer, but not the good news stories.

Believe me, we have heard the good, the bad and the ugly and we know that you can't just give up. So hang in there and stay positive and be inspired!


Whidbey Woman said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It truly is something to celebrate. Yes, people need to know... there is hope! People ARE surviving cancer. They are beating the odds.
I'm reading "From Incurable to Incredible"... a book about miracle survivors. Our husbands stories could be in there :)

Sandy said...

His story is so amazing. A very Happy Birthday to your husband!!