Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Storm Alert

Everytime I have listened to any news reports today, it seems the top news story here is all about the BIG snowstorm that is sweeping across the US and Canada, then heading east towards the Atlantic.  It's been referred to as any of the following:

Winter Wallop

Storm of the Century

Mega Snowstorm

Strongest Storm of the Season

Massive Blizzard

Yes indeed, it seems to be quite the storm, creating havoc with air, land and sea transportation; and it has forced the closures of universities, schools and businesses. Within a couple of days though, the areas hardest hit by this storm will return to normal.  My message in all of this is to realize that

 Storms Never Last

For viewers reading this who are cancer patients, I trust you will keep those words at the forefront.  There will be difficult days as you continue your journey with cancer, but always remember there will be better or calmer days ahead. Sometimes it is very hard to realize this if you have not been feeling well recently. 

My husband and I know this all too well.  We have lived through the wallops, blizzards and the mega storms that cancer can bring.  But we also know that just when the going sometimes seems impossible to bear, things suddenly become calmer and our storm once again passes.

So remember to keep positive, be inspired and look towards the calm after the storm.


Cheryl said...

Deb I am so sorry to hear about your weather conditions. We have our own problems here.

karen in ottawa canada said...

Most weather storms are minor blips in the big scheme of life, as we've all found out eh Deb! Hugs to you & Willard! From snowy but sunny Ottawa! Winterlude is underway - wish you were here to participate and see our city in all it's winter glory! Here's a great link to all that's happening in my neck of the woods

Meya said...

Cancer does bring many storms and we are riding high waves at the moment. Glad to know that we are not alone.