Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Has Sprung - LIFE IS GOOD

It's the first day of SPRING !    Winter is finally fading and in my flower garden the pheony shoots are already up about two inches.  The evenings are getting longer now that the clocks are set ahead and just seeing more daylight seems to rejuvenate the soul. 

Recently I have heard the phrase LIFE IS GOOD  from so many venues,  and I know personally that indeed it is!  Our family has soooo many things to be thankful for, and we ARE.  A couple of weeks ago my husband was not feeling well, no, not well at all.  Thankfully though things have settled and he is feeling better than he's been in weeks.  It's like he's been given a new lease on life.  Now that is something to celebrate and appreciate indeed.

We know the cancer is still there, but when there are good days, enjoy every moment of them. 

One thing I have learned during all of this time that my husband has had cancer, is that the majority of cancer patients as well as their families, always dwell on the negatives once they hear the diagnosis of cancer.  Honestly, have you heard alot about the positives???  I'm guessing your answer is a definite "NO".

Positivity is vital if you want to give cancer a run for it's money.  So, now that mother nature has pulled back her shades and lifted her veil of winter, it's time for each of us to look at the positives in our lives.  Cancer may be in your medical history, but don't let it envelope your life.  Get out there and enjoy life - especially on your good days. You WILL have good days ahead, no matter how you may feel today. 

Use this new season of spring to feel more energized, to think more positively and to be inspired!!!


Meya said...

Good advice Deb. Like you say, most of us just focus on the bad and not the good news of cancer.

Whidbey Woman said...

"We know the cancer is still there, but when there are good days, enjoy every moment of them."
My thoughts exactly. Every day is a gift. Thank you, Lord.