Monday, March 07, 2011

Words That Encourage

Some days I honestly don't know how my husband keeps going.  Remember how you feel sometimes when you get a cold or the flu?  All you want to do is just lay down, sleep - you may feel achy and weak at times.  Can you imagine how terrible you would feel if you were sick just about everyday?

My husband hasn't been feeling his best recently - when I think back - I honestly can't remember one day when he felt absolutely well.  It sure has been quite awhile.  It's difficult to keep motivated when you are sick and as I said earlier, I don't know how he keeps inspired on those difficult days. 

My daughters and I try to do what we can to help keep his spirits up on challenging days. Recently I found some excellent greeting cards with verses that inspire and here's one that we recently gave him.  Such a simple thing to do, send a card to someone who is not well, but for the most part, I'm sure many of us don't always take the time to do that.  I myself am guilty of that.  Yes, I send birthday cards, anniversary cards and Christmas cards, but I don't usually send cards that inspire those who need it most. 

The thought behind the card is what counts the most.  Yes, the verse is necessary, but knowing a friend or family member actually took the time to let you know they cared is what definitely inspires someone who is not feeling well.  A card is something that can remain in a room endlessly for all to see and it's something there for those not feeling well to look at when they come into a room to remind them that someone cares.  Everyone needs support, we all need each other at some point in our lives and sending a card seems to be such a simple act of kindness for those who need it most.

You can purchase really good cards now especially designed for those who need inspiration.  There are cards designed especially for cancer patients, cards that are under the "Encouragement" section, as well as "Thinking of You" cards.  If you have a local bible store close by, then you will find excellent cards with bible verses that are guaranteed to heal the downhearted and mend discouraged minds.

Dealing with cancer is NOT easy - not by any means of the imagination.  It's a road where one hour you may feel good and the next, you may feel terrible.  If your loved one or someone you know has cancer, why not go and get them a card today, to show how much you care. 

I'm off to get our mail - who knows, maybe there's a card for my husband there today.  If so, he will certainly be uplifted!


Meya said...

Anything that inspires someone when they are not feeling well is a good idea. Such a simple act like sending a card is always appreciated.

Linda H., Tampa, FL said...

Thanks, Deb, for your blog, your honesty and your suggestions. I am 1200 miles away from a childhood friend now undergoing cancer treatment. It's hard not know how to help so far away. I am sending her a humorous book called, "God uses Cracked Pots" by Patsy Clairmont - a Christian inspirational writer and speaker. I know this will make my friend laugh and encourage her to keep the faith. Again, thanks for sharing part of yourself with others. Linda