Sunday, April 10, 2011

Acid Reflux - Maybe Not!

Just thought I would pass this along for those of you who may have bouts of what may appear to be acid reflux.  Do you sometimes feel as though your food gets stuck mid-esophagus?  Maybe you have had bouts of vomiting as well.  Always check with your doctor whenever you have any of these symptoms, but one thing I wanted to pass along to you is to ask whether you are taking any of your pills and lying down immediately after?

If so, then you are setting yourself up for irritation of your esophagus which can lead to the above symptoms.  Some medications in particular can be very harsh on the espophagus, and if you take these meds and then lay down immediately after, you will probably feel the results of this within a couple of days.  It's always best to take your meds with lots of fluid and try to sit up for at least half an hour to allow the meds to get through your esophagus "before" you lay down.

Consult with your doctor first, but be vigilant when taking oral medications.

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