Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cancer Chat Cafe - A New Page

I have created a separate page to display my Chat Forum to allow a larger space for displaying viewer comments.  Many of you recently have been posting your comments and I would encourage everyone to  write your concerns and questions, along with experiences you have had with cancer either as a patient of caregiver.  It is through connecting with others that we ALL discover what works and what doesn't.  Having someone to chat with, also provides the support and encouragement we all need to help get us through, especially on those difficult days.

Just click the link above entitled "Cancer Chat Cafe" to access the chat.  I'm going to add another page as well so that I can list the types of cancer you comment about and any emails that you provide, so that others who travel a similiar journey, can connect with you.


I will soon schedule a Live Chat (maybe during Easter week)...

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