Friday, April 22, 2011

God Is Always There

Went for a walk one morning last week in the early hours.  As caregiver, we also have difficult days but we tend to hide it from the outside world, because we are the ones who have to be strong and be there for our loved ones. 

I have realized many times, especially over recent months, that when I am going through challenges - an angel always comes my way to let me know that I am not alone along this journey.  During my walk that day, a car slowly drove along side me and a kind, smiling face said "Good Morning".  We exchanged a short diaglogue and then the driver apologized for not being able to chat longer because he had a busy morning ahead.  These were his words before driving away:

"I hope you and your husband never think you are alone, because I pray for you both everyday"

Profound indeed!   I continued my walk and realized that God  "IS"  always there.

Take care everyone and KEEP THE FAITH!

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