Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sometimes You Need a Little Boost

For patients who are finding it difficult to maintain a normal appetite due to cancer treatments, have you thought about adding a supplement such as Boost or Ensure to your daily menu?

Why don't you try dividing up a regular daily bottle dosage into three smaller sips throughout the day.  Another way to mask some of the ingredients in these health drinks might be to add them to a shake.  I have a Magic Bullet and I always make my husband various milk shakes ranging from blueberry, to strawberry as well as other fresh fruit that is in season and I'll add either a portion or all of the supplement bottle to the shake.

You can get these shakes in many different varieties.  I think the ones that have extra protein and carbs might be best if you want to gain weight.  Check the labels carefully as you have lots of choices out there based upon what you are looking for. 

Here's a link to the Boost website for you to learn more.  They also offer a $2 coupon off the purchase as well as many recipes for you to try that include this healthy supplement.

Follow this link to the Ensure website to learn more about the products available as well as more recipes.  Ensure also is available in a pudding form.

Just a few hints to help you along.  Feel free to post any experiences on the chat forum that you may have had with your loss of appetite and may or may not have worked for you.

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Mya said...

Never thought of getting that to see if my appetite would improve. Thanks Deb for the info.

MarkA said...

The taste of these power drinks are terrible. It takes alot to drink them even if they are good for you.