Thursday, June 02, 2011

Without a Doubt You "Are" Loyal

I have not writen here for almost two months now.  It's difficult to keep the blog going as I need to take a break sometimes - so that's just what I did.  Every now and then I would however look into my blog to see if anyone was even attempting to keep checking back and sure enough, despite my not posting in weeks, it seems my loyal followers are still taking a look to see if I've posted anything new.  Thanks for doing that!  I'm not sure if I would be as loyal to a blog as you have been.

My husband continues to fight the good fight!  Thank goodness we are now into warmer weather because that allows him to get outside more and enjoy the sunshine.. 

As I've listened to recent news reports, many around the world are facing other adversities such as tornados, forest fires and mass floodings.  All of that devastation sure puts things into perspective in that all of us face difficulties that are beyond our control whether it's in our health or environment.

We all must "Keep the Faith" and not relent during times when everything around us looks so very bleak. 

Thanks again for checking in - I will write another post soon.

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