Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fund Raising for Cancer

As I listened to the radio today, I heard of another team of runners who were about to launce their annual run in aid of cancer patients.  I congratulate them whole heartedly. 

My question is though, do YOU ever wonder just how the money from cancer fundraisers or your contributions to a cancer society is actually spent?

I wrote an article a couple of years ago and happened to include the name of an organization that was soliciting funds for cancer.  Shortly afterwards, I received a letter from a board member of a cancer clinic asking why I even mentioned that particular organization and didn't make my readers aware of the importance of fund raising for their cancer clinic.   OUCH!!!   Needless to say the letter was a tad bit nasty  I still have the letter and everytime I reread it, I cannot for the like of me ever understand why this board member would take the time to scold me for not mentioning this.  I'm just a relatively unknow editorial writer who does not have thousands of followers - so why pick on me? 

His letter started me thinking - if he's coming down so hard on me for not recognizing his cancer clinic, then fund raising must be indeed very low there and he was afraid that my mention of another cancer fund raiser would most definitely almost deplete their fund raising efforts.  Wonder how that money is spent anyway?  No doubt for the most part, cancer fund raising money is for the most part, put to good use - or at least we would all like to think that!  By good use, I mean for equipment, cancer research, to aid cancer patients when they need monetary funds the most either for drug or travel assistance or for accommodations when they are getting treatments that take them a long distance from their homes. 

One thing for certain is that they do not use the funds very much to try and connect other cancer patients or caregivers with a support system.  How do I know?  Well I contacted a particular cancer society a few years ago to try and connect with another caregiver - still no answer on that one.  I'm not trying to be coy here, but I'm just hoping the funds that people raise are used in the best possible way throughout all cancer societies far and wide.

There was a recent news story that relayed how many top executives in charitable organizations make huge salaries - many over $100,000 mark.  Many can argue that in order to attract good people to fund raise, you also have to pay them big salaries.  I`m sure that is not always the case.  For instance, if you are the type of individual who truly cares about cancer patients, then you will be willing to accept an executive position for far less than that.

My point in this post is to make everyone aware to only give to organizations that are reputable and not just to those who call or come to your door saying they are soliciting funds for cancer.  We hear about fraud happening by people who pose to be cancer patients and raise money for their illness. Can you imagine anyone doing something like that? Make sure the organizations are legit and research them to ensure your money is being spent in the best possible way to help cancer patients and the fight against this terrible illness.

For those who truly need financial support, you should be able to contact your local cancer society for direction in obtaining it.


Meya said...

I also have wondered about where funds raised for charitable organizations go. There sure are lots of scams out there so be ware!

Crabby Cancer Wife said...

There's a great website called that evaluates the various organizations, and ranks them based on how they spend their funds - how much goes to overhead, how much goes to direct research. Put "cancer" in the search engine, and you'll find lots of 4 star charities.