Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Saffron - Does It Work?

I received a message today from a viewer who asked if saffron really helped my husband's cancer.

To be very honest, I don't really know, but I do know that it didn't hurt him.  When he was on saffron his tumors did NOT increase in size - was it a coincidence?  I really don't know that either, but drinking a cup of saffron a day, or maybe even two or three will not hurt.  I would use approximately 5-12 strands, let it steep like tea for a few minutes and then strain off the strands.  I'm sure it is more beneficial to a cancer patient than drinking coffee several times a day.  My husband still has a cup of saffron from time to time, but right now is not taking it on a continuous basis - no particular reason for this but he will go back to a regular routine before his doctor schedules his next CT.

I just did a little more research via the internet and I came across the Lance Armstrong's website "Livestrong" and they also reference the benefits of saffron - especially with regards to tumor shrinkage benefits.  Here is the link and please read the entire post, especially the Anti-Cancer section

Again, I would suggest that you should always check with your doctor whenever in doubt to ensure you have a professional's opinion. 


Anonymous said...

Tried the saffron and even though the taste is terrible it gives me hope. Why not try it?

coryzalia said...

Saffron was able to shrink the tumor in the body.