Thursday, July 07, 2011

Take a Break - Sometimes It's Worth It

Lost your appetite?  Feeling nauseated?  Losing weight?

If any of these questions sound all too familiar in your current health situation, then maybe what you need is a break.  Sometimes a break from your chemotherapy whether it is oral or intravenous form can be just what you need to recoup and help you eat better, help your stomach get back to normal and also help you regain some of your lost weight.

How do I know?  Well, again that's just what my husband is doing right now.  Of course, he's seen his onc and has his blessing to do so.  Don't forget to "always check with your oncologist before you just get off your treatments, because he/she knows what is best for you, and of course every patient's cancer journey is different".

We all know that cancer treatments can make you feel sick.  That's what they are supposed to do as they battle the cancer cells inside.  But your body can only take so much and if your weight is falling then it's time to have that chat with your doctor.  Too much weight loss is not good - no, not good at all because you cannot fight off the side effects from treatments or maintain your normal healthier appetite once your weight loss is nearing the serious stage.  I know for a fact that if my husband has a bout of illness from an infection, he can easily lose 10 lbs within 2-3 days.  That is very serious and of course with the weight loss, it will only lengthen his recovery time and cause other complications.

By consulting with your physician, together you will both determine what will be the best way to improve your appetite - tonics, steroids, consults with a nutritionist/dietician, etc.  What may work for one patient to improve his/her appetite may not necessarily be what will work for another patient. as of today take the first step to regaining your weight and energy levels.  Consult with your doctor to ask if you may be able to take a break from your chemo, ask your doctor to prescribe something to enhance your appetite, get lots of fresh air and enjoy your break from treatment.  Even if you are off your chemo for a few days, it will allow your body to recoup and get back on track.

As I say to my husband "what is the good to kill the cancer cells, if you are going to kill yourself first by NOT eating"?

Wishig you smooth sailing ahead!  Let me know how things go - I'm always interested to hear from you!!!


Cheryl said...

A timely post for me Deb. Many thanks xo

Whidbey Woman said...

Hi Deb, Yes, it is good for the body to take a break sometimes. Treatment is so brutal! I am happy to report that the past few years there has been several times that my husband's doctor has suggested this. It did not seem to hurt Ron any...that is, the cancer did not run rampant. Instead, he came back stronger and able to fight better. Great post. Thanks for sharing!
I might just add... Caregivers need to take a break, too. I plan to check myself into a hotel for the night and go to a spa, order room service and just veg. I need it!!!

Deb said...

Whidbey - your get-away sounds wonderful! As you say, caregivers definitely do need to take care of themselves and to have some 'me" time. Have a blast!!!