Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Lost Weigh??? Here's A Lifeline!

So, It's been a couple of stressful weeks as I have slowly watched my husband lose ALOT of weight!  As caregiver, I instantly felt responsible for his weight loss, as I continually blamed myself for maybe not cooking the right meals or offering the nutritous snacks that I should have.  Caregivers tend to blame themselves for things that go wrong with their loved ones - think I would have learned by now that it's not my fault, but no matter how hard I try, I guess it's just mother nature that we will always feel guily about not doing or trying something else.

Anyway, to get on with my story........

First of all, for all new viewers here, you will discover that I don't always post the happenings of my husband's health on a continuous basis.  Why you may ask?  Well, it's because I don't want for his personal health and well being to be always placed here for all of the world to read about.  He has cancer and he continues to fight the good fight, but I don't think I need to mention every miniscule event that occurs.  This particular topic however, affects ALL cancer patients out there who are losing weight and after stressing out as I watched my husband's results on the weight scales go down more and more everyday, I think I now have found the solution to getting that weight back on - at least for him.  It's not rocket science or anything like that, it's just plain common sense which sometimes the medical experts don't always forcus on, outside of the actual cancer itself.  Don't mean to offend anyone but when you stop and think about it, yes the medical experts naturally only try to resolve the pain and suffering and they don't always try to help the patient fix what I refer to as the "small issues which later become huge ones" such as weight loss.

I personally have a very strong belief that maintaining your weight as a cancer patient is vital!!!  I am not a health professional in any way, but I base this upon my husband's past experiences since he has been a cancer patient and I know that a good weight means that you can tolerate side effects from cancer treatments and you will have more energy. 

So to continue with my weight gaining info......

First I would encourage patients to always check with their doctor to see why they are losing weight as every patient is different.  I can only relate my husband's experiences and as I have stated soooo many times before, every patient is different - so be ware of your own health status first and foremost.  I've taken a close look at some of his meds and have determined that there is one in particular I strongly believe has caused him to lose this weight.  It is a medication that is not vital to his day-to-day existence so that's wonderful, and although it's been prescribed for him on a daily basis, I know he does not need it.  His next dr's visit is coming up very soon, so we'll be asking for another med that will not cause this weight loss.

Now to regain the weight we are concentrating on foods that are high in    
PROTEIN and CARBOHYDRATES.  You can check this out on the internet and make your own decisions, but a few things that my husband has found to be more edible and is working towards his weight gain are:

  • daily milk shakes (one egg, vanilla, milk, fresh fruit)
  • protein bars (one a day is fine)
  • lentils, beans, macaroni with lots of cheese, porridge, milk which is at least 2%, bread high in protein and carbs, puddings
  • whey (ask your doctor to see if it interacts with your present meds)

  • trail mix (always have a small dish of this nearby for you to munch on) 
The main thing that we focus on here is to add lots of protein and carbs!  Read the labels carefully on the foods you buy to ensure they are high in carbs and protein and calories!  The heck with the healthy foods right now! By now you must be thinking that this woman is out to lunch, so to speak.  No, actually I'm trying my best to get that weight back on my husband so this is my reasoning.  Loss of weight + loss of energy = hospitalization eventually and DEATH!  Why worry about eating the low carb foods and the most healthy foods right now - what my husband needs is lots of calories!!! And lots of calories is what he will get. 

One thing to note though is NOT to focus on foods that are high in sugars.  There are alot of high protein and high carb foods out there that are not loaded with sugars.  Keep away as well from drinking more than one soda a day, if you are a soda drinker.  Those drinks are loaded with sugar that you don't need.  These sugars will only keep taking your appetite away and you don't need that.

Well that's about it for now.  If you know someone who has lost a considerable amount of weight recently as a cancer patient please pass this along to them.  Getting that weight back on, is the FIRST step to surviving cancer and patients have to eat by themselves - no one can make them, not even us caregivers, so get going and don't waste another minute of not eating!!!

Good luck with your weight gain - let me know how things go for you!  I'll keep you posted as well on how my husband is doing.


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