Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Health Care Accuracy is Vital

I appreciate the recent comment about my original post on the problems that exist in every health care system and thank you for taking the initiative to respond.  It definitely shows your organization is aware of what can happen and no doubt is acting on every issue that is presented.  I applaud you for this!

Yes, these problems do need to be acted upon immediately and should not be taken lightly by any health care institution.  Unfortunately though, complaints by patients/family about issues within our health care systems are not acted upon until something drastic happens and then it is too late for the patient(s) involved.

My husband has been a patient periodically within our present system now for over 10 years!  That is a long time indeed and during that time we have encountered many health care issues that, had I not been there with him, he most certainly would have passed away a long time ago - not because of his cancer, but because of negligent acts within the system. 

During his first ever stay in hospital back in 2001, the thought of my having to be diligent in his care during his stay never crossed my mind, as I always thought that any hospital patient always received the best care possible and to think that a mistake could happen was completely uncomprehensible!  That was my thought as well until during his second stay, but then the unthinkable happened and ever since, I'm very diligent in keeping a close eye.

I don't want to make it seem that errors in hospitals happen all the time.  I feel quite confident that in the majority of patient stays, the care and overall experiences they encounter there are very professional and always accurate, but it only takes that "one" error to make you more apprehensive about what could happen.  I totally agree that all such instances should be reported immediately and acted upon by health care officials so that the same errors will never be repeated again.  I wonder though, are they always being acted upon after they have been reported???

During the majority of my husband's many hospital stays, he has also received excellent medical care, for which we are both very thankful.  The devotion of his medical attendants has been exceptional and I applaud them for the care and treatment that they provide each and everyday to those in need.

For other health care organizations who may read this post, I would strongly encourage you to be adament about ALL complaints that are received from patients/families and investigate them thoroughly and act upon them immediately to ensure that every patient always receives the best possible care without incident.


Meya said...

I totally agree Deb. Great post!

Anonymous said...

You present issues for consideration. It never crossed my mind that bad things can happen when you are a patient in hospital.

Anonymous said...

Hi, you say your husband was hospitalized in 2001. May I ask did he have x-rays or CT scans when he was there?

Bethany said...

Health care should be treated with utmost importance. I agree that simple errors can have vast implications.